A New Curcuma Extract (Flexofytol®) in Osteoarthritis: Results from a Belgian Real-Life Experience

Thierry Appelboom*, 1, Nathalie Maes 2, Adelin Albert 3
1 University of Brussels, Belgium
2 Liège University Hospital, Belgium
3 Liège University, Belgium

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This retrospective observational study summarizes the experiences of 820 patients treated with a new Curcuma extract (Flexofytol®, 4-6 capsules per day), for more than 6 months for various forms of painful osteoarthritis. These experiences were reported by 110 Belgian general practitioners via a questionnaire that included quality-of-life parameters for assessing patient experience. Data were submitted to an independent statistician for analysis. Within the first 6 weeks, Flexofytol® improved patient pain, articular mobility, and quality of life. Excellent tolerance was reported, and more than half of these patients were able to discontinue analgaesic and anti-inflammatory drugs. Patient satisfaction was confirmed by their decision to maintain Flexofytol® therapy for more than 6 months. These data must be confirmed with randomized controlled studies. We currently conclude that Flexofytol® which is based on a new preparation of curcumin, is as a potential neutraceutical for the care of patients complaining of joint problems, with excellent tolerance and rapid benefits for articular mobility, pain, and quality of life.

Keywords: Curcumin, osteoarthritis, real life experience..